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Um….. Are you sure you are following the right person??? *blushblush* I think you accidentally pressed follow….. you might wanna leave now before you regret ever looking at my page haha… it isnt that great while yours…. well… its amazing…

Ariiiiiiiii, your art is so pretty~

Fwee you are always too sweet like always dear!!! *snuggles* I LOVE YOU!!!

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hnnnnnnnnng dat ass lol xD

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so cool- like- Lookit his hair. And…love it. The perspective is amazing and wow, that is..

Hearts…… I love you…. Love love love love LOVE!!!! *snuggles the cutest Hearts ever!!!*

I asked my 5 year old niece and nephew what they were going as for Halloween and my nephew said, “Batman”. I asked my niece and she said, “Catwoman, because she scratches Batman.” :)

…….isnt that incest lucas??? haha sorry! I am sure they will look awesome!

  1. akumastrife answered: Post pics!
  2. poppydicks replied:
  3. varebanos answered: pics, pics of everything!!
  4. secretinternetbox answered: I adore your art, as I have said numerous times before so I think if you post some here, it’ would be brilliant
  5. avanalae answered: I would love to see your work, bby. :D And hm… post pics now? XDDD /giggle I wanna see the amazing. *A*
  6. fweeble answered: Yeeeeeeeeeeees. Yes to ALL of that. Your art is so pretty!
masteroftherebels answered: SHOW US PICTURES OF EVERYTHING!!! 8DDDD
babybirdblues said: Ohhhhh I’d like to see them baby! But for the hoodies, I’d ask the owners first because it is for them. See if it’s okay if you post it for them. <3333
tsirhcsiefil answered: post it all, your art is awesome
  1. Ok first off…. akumastrife love I miss chatting with you dear! I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU!…. so you want me to post huh?
  2. Now….I have to say…. Poppy sweety… you have the best response ever… I pretty much died laughing…. GAH!!! I miss my cell phone just because I miss the random perverted pics I would get at odd times that had a habit of showing up when I needed to smile most.  but that pic was amazing and I love you for it… it really does remind me of you in far too many ways love… AH! MY TWIN POPPY!!! SHOWER WITH ME I LOVE YOU!!! Thank you for that response… just… only you dearest!!!
  3. Victory, you dont want pics of everything…. like the scaley green panties…
  4. Ellie I still have summer/fall/seasons (whatever you know I love that verse) Pics for you……. so yea… maybe I will redo them for this…. SORRY DEAR!!! but ok, will take the fact that it would be easier to show you them if I post them here into consideration.
  5. Ava love, you make me giggle… You are so sweet. I will try to post pics specially made just for you cause I love you so much Miss Ava.
  6. Fwee, your art is more pretty you are so silly! But oks… haha I LOVE YOU!!!
  7. MASTER I SHOW YOU PICS OF WHATEVER YOU WANT!!! Whatever your wish, command, order, whim and it shall be done Master! I LOVE YOU!! GAH! I know I went crazy when you came back but I am not done by the way….. good thing I am like not working on something for you Master and whatnot… AH! I LOVE YOU DEAR!!! dont think you understand… I LOVE YOU! And I missed you so much…. wait this is supposed to be about what I should do… I should do whatever you want love… and love you… yep thats what I should do…
  8. My love, my sweetbee, you can see whatever you want *wink wink* haha! Well…. all the recipients of the hoodies are in the Batfam here on tumblr… Like yea… everyone….  Captainaustralia, tealgeezus, rucistalkingclub, batmansrobyn, masteroftherebels, and like a 1000 others aka… everyone… i took orders…. and we even made a site so we could show them off eventually…. yea…. but I will ask them….
  9. tsirhcsiefil well I believe you are insane… I mean… a lovely individual who happens to be slightly confused cause you have mistaken my art for being awesome…. but gonna post haha
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