my joker quote for the week

aww the little birdy got hit… hahaha stupid robin

brokenseal: OMG I knew you were the Joker lol

Nicole… explain it properly

*we were in her car excited to go get a puppy and pulled out of her driveway where right next to it was a fully intact robin dead*

Nicole: *sad* awww the little birdy got hit…. *giggles evily* haha stupid robin

Me: *turns to stare at her and then glances at her purple and green keychains, thinking on her purple and green love, and possible purple and green wedding stuff* OHEMGEE! I knew you were the Joker Nicole! You just dress as a Robin!

We then had a long disturbing conversation about if joker was dressed as robin and her being a joker… and yes…. I lovers you forevers Shrimpage… but dear…. I want more cookies if I am putting myself in danger of a crowbar to the back of the head