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Anonymous said: Phil Coulson

Phil Coulson: Someone I secretly “fangirl” over

I dont “secretly” fangirl over anyone really…. I am very…. “open” with who I fangirl over. Which unfortunately is just about everyone. Now Fangirl over people on Tumblr, well, I fangirl over the best people here and I am fortunate enough to talk to most of them. I mean I squeal whenever Ava and Hearts talk to me cause I adore them, Ailea is my Dancing Queen but I cant help but gush about how perfect she is, Vanoty is my sexy lover but again…. I like cant get over the fact she chats with me and is so awesome! Tealgeezus is so sweet and talented and when we are chatting on skype like I usually end up just loving on her cause after all she is amazing and oh so sweet and adorable. My beloveds MasteroftheRebels, Babybirdblues, and Poppydicks are all amazing individuals who I would willingly give my life for because of how absolutely perfect they are and I love them to bits (they should know this by now…. since I tell them often) Captainnaustralia is my sweet dearest mommabats and tyrror is daddybats and I cant help but miss them so much, fweeble is so talented and so sweet, outofthecavern is like so funny and talented and makes me smile daily and i alway hope things will make her smile as well, secretinternetbox is like one of the most amazing people ever to exist and oh goodness i wish i could see her lighthouse! Lectorel is like the best writer of everything… I wish I talked more to like all of you but yes….. I LOVE YOU! I FANGIRL LIKE CRAZY EVERYTIME I TALK TO ANYONE!!!…cuz i am lame like that haha…. and like 100000001.634 other people who I adore on here, but I apparently talk to most of them haha. The ones I still “secretly” fangirl over are I suppose x-seamstress-of-words-x, jcolney, and bluethursday…..  like you guys are amazing….

Ummmmm yes…. now if we are talking characters…. again I dont “secretly” fangirl over anyone. I fangirl in public and since for the longest time I was a mute I would fangirl with my arms and expressions and the habit has stuck since my voice came back and so now I am a spectacle… I accept this but it isnt usually a pretty sight. I love all characters…. there are very few that I dislike, whether they be good or bad I enjoy almost everyone…… I mean yes I enjoy some more than others but eh doesnt everyone??? But I will spaz for just about anyone…. Now if you are asking faves….. that is like….. watching me go crazy but thats not the point….

Now people, like People people…. I adore all my friends, people in real like if I dont pick on you I dont love you, Poppy and Bee I need you to be in my real life btw…. but yes, And as for actors…. shrimpage (who is one of my closest IRL friends) will tell you I just sat on her couch for like 2 hours last night jabbering on about how much I adore Tom Hiddleston, that I love him more than my previous love (Orlando Bloom, mind you I have stuck to loving Orlando Bloom most for like…. 10 to 15 years…. so this is big for me) and I adore like everyone again….. ummmmm yes… so I am not as secretive as Phil with my “fangirling” but then again I am as awkward about it as he is teehee….

jcolney started following you

Um….. Are you sure you are following the right person??? *blushblush* I think you accidentally pressed follow….. you might wanna leave now before you regret ever looking at my page haha… it isnt that great while yours…. well… its amazing…

Ariiiiiiiii, your art is so pretty~

Fwee you are always too sweet like always dear!!! *snuggles* I LOVE YOU!!!

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hnnnnnnnnng dat ass lol xD

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so cool- like- Lookit his hair. And…love it. The perspective is amazing and wow, that is..

Hearts…… I love you…. Love love love love LOVE!!!! *snuggles the cutest Hearts ever!!!*

I asked my 5 year old niece and nephew what they were going as for Halloween and my nephew said, “Batman”. I asked my niece and she said, “Catwoman, because she scratches Batman.” :)

…….isnt that incest lucas??? haha sorry! I am sure they will look awesome!

// GOODNIGHT!!!!//


Everyone who was on the stream I love you guys too, hearts, poppy, lectorel, secretinternetbox, fweeble, who else am I missing???

POPPY I LOVE YOU FOREVER!!!!!  *snuggles up to poppy and sleeps* 

MASTER I LOVE YOU FOREVER!!!! *pulls in for snuggles*

AILEA!!! I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU!!! *snuggles Ailea in perfect nest*

SO yea…. all of my love for all of you lovelies!!! I will talk to you all tomorrow!!! *blows kisses* NIGHT!

wow. that looks really good. ……and really sad ;~;
You have no idea… there are smudges from my tears on this pic…. seriously… from the story behind it haha!
Ooooh so pretty baby. I love the wings!

Awww baby! You are too sweet! I love drawing wings and hate them at the same time!!!

 replied to your photo3rd day of Month of pics I started this as a…

 those wings are gorgeus I never managed to draw ones that looked like wings o3o and god knows I tried

Mine dont look like real wings though haha! But thank you Victory!!! I love you!!!

fweeble replied to your photo: 3rd day of Month of pics I started this as a…:

Oh. Ooh. OH. Ariiiiiiiii…. *no words*

Fwee then dont use words… use cuddles!

// I am Cyberman//


Fandom: Marvel movies/Doctor who

Pairing: Tony/Pepper/Steve

Word Count: 1,400+

Notes: Don’t panic when you start reading it gets better. For Fweeble >:D hope I managed to make it work~ Cyberman!Tony

You Wish

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AHHHH!!!  Perfect

These are so pretty~

Not as pretty as you Fwee

avanalae replied to your post: unnnnffffffff XDDD
omg, noooo XDDD I’m not that pretty. Definitely not a… “hotass mofo” XDDDDDDDD but it’s nice of you to say so :DD *blows kisses*
You are most certainly a Hotass mofo… wait you are right… Im sorry.. my fault you are a Hotass Mofo queen of the sexy. teehee *blows kisses back*
babybirdblues replied to your post: unf baby unf.
Hehe I love you too
*hugs* Love you very much sweets
heartslogos replied to your post: UNF c:
o//////////////////////////////////o *cuddles* weeeeeeeeeeeeeee
*cuddles* Did I do something wrong Hearts?
Awh. *hugs* You have me mistaken with someone else, but thank you.

No mistake

*hugs you tight* I’m so sorry… If there is anything, you can talk to me, okay?
oh god I’m so sorry…
I’m sorry such a devastating tragedy has occurred. ;~~~; My thoughts are with you and Kayli’s family…

Fwee, Victory, Poppy… Thank you all. I will prolly need someone to just like be there for a shoulder to cry on after work… but as of right now… I just… I cant… I cant break down here…. but thank you guys! I love you. It really does mean a lot to me that you took the time to say anything. This is just… a hard day haha

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