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  1. akumastrife answered: Post pics!
  2. poppydicks replied:
  3. varebanos answered: pics, pics of everything!!
  4. secretinternetbox answered: I adore your art, as I have said numerous times before so I think if you post some here, it’ would be brilliant
  5. avanalae answered: I would love to see your work, bby. :D And hm… post pics now? XDDD /giggle I wanna see the amazing. *A*
  6. fweeble answered: Yeeeeeeeeeeees. Yes to ALL of that. Your art is so pretty!
masteroftherebels answered: SHOW US PICTURES OF EVERYTHING!!! 8DDDD
babybirdblues said: Ohhhhh I’d like to see them baby! But for the hoodies, I’d ask the owners first because it is for them. See if it’s okay if you post it for them. <3333
tsirhcsiefil answered: post it all, your art is awesome
  1. Ok first off…. akumastrife love I miss chatting with you dear! I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU!…. so you want me to post huh?
  2. Now….I have to say…. Poppy sweety… you have the best response ever… I pretty much died laughing…. GAH!!! I miss my cell phone just because I miss the random perverted pics I would get at odd times that had a habit of showing up when I needed to smile most.  but that pic was amazing and I love you for it… it really does remind me of you in far too many ways love… AH! MY TWIN POPPY!!! SHOWER WITH ME I LOVE YOU!!! Thank you for that response… just… only you dearest!!!
  3. Victory, you dont want pics of everything…. like the scaley green panties…
  4. Ellie I still have summer/fall/seasons (whatever you know I love that verse) Pics for you……. so yea… maybe I will redo them for this…. SORRY DEAR!!! but ok, will take the fact that it would be easier to show you them if I post them here into consideration.
  5. Ava love, you make me giggle… You are so sweet. I will try to post pics specially made just for you cause I love you so much Miss Ava.
  6. Fwee, your art is more pretty you are so silly! But oks… haha I LOVE YOU!!!
  7. MASTER I SHOW YOU PICS OF WHATEVER YOU WANT!!! Whatever your wish, command, order, whim and it shall be done Master! I LOVE YOU!! GAH! I know I went crazy when you came back but I am not done by the way….. good thing I am like not working on something for you Master and whatnot… AH! I LOVE YOU DEAR!!! dont think you understand… I LOVE YOU! And I missed you so much…. wait this is supposed to be about what I should do… I should do whatever you want love… and love you… yep thats what I should do…
  8. My love, my sweetbee, you can see whatever you want *wink wink* haha! Well…. all the recipients of the hoodies are in the Batfam here on tumblr… Like yea… everyone….  Captainaustralia, tealgeezus, rucistalkingclub, batmansrobyn, masteroftherebels, and like a 1000 others aka… everyone… i took orders…. and we even made a site so we could show them off eventually…. yea…. but I will ask them….
  9. tsirhcsiefil well I believe you are insane… I mean… a lovely individual who happens to be slightly confused cause you have mistaken my art for being awesome…. but gonna post haha








Also good morning followers~!  <333  I love you as well darlings.  Hopefully I’ll get some PPAU/Criminal Minds AU up tomorrow.  Lots of PPAU for Fluff Day of Fluff this Wednesday.  <3

What did I do to deserve this most precious person? Who says good morning and goodnight to me without fail, who is so sweet, and cute, and perfect, who makes me giggle, who watches movies with me, who has the best commentary for said movies, who makes me smile when I am being emo, who is a super talented writer, and an amazing friend who I LOVE!!! I am sorry I crashed last night, I dont know why I was so sleepy when I was…. I will make it up to you baby I swear!!! *huggles close* Im sorry Bee!!! I just got home from church and ran to check to see if you said good morning so my day could finally REALLY start…. LOVE YOU BEE!!! My sweet sweet SweetBee!!!

I also want to say I love you Poppydicks my most beautiful and precious and sexy twin who I want to cuddle forever! I love you MasteroftheRebels and I have missed you like crazy and woke up this morning sobbing cause I thought your return was a dream…. if it was a dream and you really arent back then I dont want to wake up…. I love you Master! Dont leave me! *sobs* Victory aka Varebanos I love you and your super cuteness! Sorry I drew you so poorly please dont hateraiders me. Fweeble You are so sweet I love you too! And you make me giggle like none other… Heartslogo, soooooo I “definitely didnt just spend all of church drawing octo-baby-tim” please dont hate me for it! cause I def did just like draw him like 1000 times on my bulletin cause I keep thinking how cute he would be. I love you so please dont hate me sweet cute Hearts. Tea-solves-everything thank you for being so sweet and giving me you IM even if we never talked I LOVE YOU! And you are so cute when you are tipsy. And of course I love you Avanalae, BatmansRobyn, Akumastrife, Captainnaustralia, Rucistalkingclub, Tyrror, Tealgeezus, OutoftheCavern, Phyrebird, and everyone else….. LOVE YOU!

Edit: (also Timdrake-swanqueen we might not talk often but I LOVE YOU!)

Adorable babyyyyyyy

akumastrife replied to your photoHere you go Hearts… Sorry I failed like… hardcore……
oh god this is ridiculously cute

Um ok… you both are friends of mine and so is hearts so everything you say about it is irrelevant because of the obligations to be nice to friends…. I am really disappointed in it and I am gonna retry in the morning. but you guys are good friends never-the-less


I’m just gonna be over here with Ari snuggling and writing Push. <3

And I don’t try to set her on a war path.  It just kind of happens *laughs nervously*.

You guys might scream/hiss at me. Because I’m not really nice to Timmy in this installment.  *coughs*  Not at all.

*makes room for Bee* Ok, so snuggle time and fun time writing/drawing…. sounds like the perfect saturday to me!!! Especially when with amazing people like Bee! Now where is Poppydicks my sweet little twin, Ailea my dancing queen who I love to bits, Vanity who is my love, Hearts who I adore, Avanalae who i stalk (I mean), Captainnaustralia my sweet mommabats, tyrror my bad influencing daddybats,Tealgeezus who is the funniest sweetest ADD person I have ever chatted with,  and all the rest of you from the nest that i am getting to lazy to type out (aka ruci, reshee<who left me *pouts*>, batmansrobyn, masteroftherebels, outofthecavern, phyrebird, akumastrife, anexorcist, and whoever i missed because I am lame and cant think straight but if you are in the batfam you know who you are….) Gah! I love far too many people…. *blushblush* BUT YOU GUYS ARE TOO AWESOME!!!

*hides bee from her mother*

OoooooOOOOooohhh not nice to timmy? Is this for the AW???? Teehee…. *giggles excitedly*



I know I’ve said this like a million times. And I know that I’m a pain in the ass sometimes, and whatever. But I’m in a truly great mood this week, and for the first time in quite a while I genuinely love life and everything about it, and this is a direct result of me becoming friends with y’all.

So thank you so, so much for being the amazing, wonderful, lovely, beautiful, superlative people are you are.

انا احبتم كثيرا

So you guys are amazing. You are all so talented, and I cant believe any of you ever take the time to talk to me let alone be as kind as you all are to me. I adore each and everyone of you.  

To be very honest without you guys there for support this last weekend I dont know how I would have been able to deal with anything. You all made me laugh and smile and still do. You worry when you really shouldnt and it touches my heart and makes me feel guilty for bothering such magnificent people when I can do nothing in return. I really do mean it when I say I love you all. Thank you for making the world a brighter place both online and offline.






I don’t need to follow porn blogs

I have poppydicks

Maybe I should start advertising my Tumblr as a porn blog.

I dont need to follow porn blogs, funny blogs, any blogs…. I have the Batfam on Skype….

And lets face it, the Nest covers everything.


The Nest covers ALL the things. GFJC I love y’all.


From kinks to forms of public transportation… we cover it all…. Now no more pilgrim kissing Dami!


Soooo we collectively (Ailea, Captainnaustraila, Vanity, BatmansRobyn, Brokenseal, Ruci, Avanalae) decided that we should use Batfamnest for our Batfamily track tag cause batfam gets a whole ton of stuff not pertaining to any of us.

2ndly… all of you in our batfam here is the list:






*Tyrror-Daddybats (brucebotherfuckingwayne)


Vanity-Kon (Cany)







So if you are supposed to be in the batfam and I missed you… let me know… I think this list is more complete than our facebook group one….. 

Like outofthecavern, we have like spammed your livestream with batfam, and I dun think you were ever part of the batfam!? You need to be…. cause We love you!!!!


Batfam members, we have taken to skyping…. a lot…. like start at 5 ish my tim and we are still going strong and its….4:30 with little signs of slowing down…. “the nest” never closes and is always open…. we kinda wander in and out throughout the day… if you have questions talk to batmansrobyn….. aka DAMIBABY!!! (Tt) cause she is amazing and set it up.


Soooo all you in the batfam should know this by now…. if you dont…. here is your update

ok soooo I am making gear for everyone, and want to know if anyone want any, I am making hoodies, gloves, undies, hats, and junk with the superhero costumes on them, like we are making nightwing, superboy, superman, robin, red robin, spoiler, so on so forth 

So I need the batfam to pick out AT LEAST one thing each. No payments…. just be walking billboards for me. CaptainAustralia and BatmansRobyn are kinda taking charge cause I have no will to do so… but anyone wants to chip in some ideas of what to do… please let any of us know. Pics will be up soon of the hoodies and what not… Lol Cap and Dami Reshee and Poppy will prolly get theirs first… cause 1 theyre helping me 2 they are amazing and cheer me up (It’s NOISE. And I know you don’t understand that concept, because you can’t make any Drake, but one can’t stab a noise. Tt.)  3 They spent like hours figuring out stuff, and planning shit and being all around beautiful people on skype…. 4 Reshee and I live super close to each other…..and yes….

SOOOOOOO please send me what you would like, and the sizes.

Sketches and finished products will be up soon….. I think mommabats and her brother need them like…. tonite lol….


I need a fifth of something strong….


I love you all… I will post your valentines this week… when it is much less insane!!!

(pssssst Cany….. I love you even if youre a homewrecker!)

(ok skype seriously… you guys…… GFJC….. this chat…. is like forever long and goes far to fast!!!)

(no one leaves! They just nap in the nest!)




Happy Valentines Day! 

Especially all of you on skype right now… yes you…. ESPECIALLY YOU!

Is it bad that I find that flattering?

In this family its never a bad thing!




Happy Valentines Day! 

Especially all of you on skype right now… yes you…. ESPECIALLY YOU!

Is it bad that I find that flattering?

In this family its never a bad thing!


Happy Valentines Day! 

Especially all of you on skype right now&#8230; yes you&#8230;. ESPECIALLY YOU!


Happy Valentines Day! 

Especially all of you on skype right now… yes you…. ESPECIALLY YOU!

(via drawology)


brokenseal replied to your post: Dear BatFam,
…….Im holding you too that Jason

Oh don’t you worry >83

Oh-la-la, so is this before or after the showers of justice?

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